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Hiring : sales manager

Thursday 26 October 2017
Who am I ? I followed a sales cursus, and I’m able to negotiate with high-level customers (CEO, CMO, Sales Director, IT director). I’m not a rookie, I already have a true experience in a sales team dealing with key accounts (in marketing domain will be great) Business qualification, prospection, business development and customers projects are part of my DNA. Very communicating, I have both an excellent oral and writing expression. I’m fluent in French and in English. To do what ? Within the sales team, I start with phoning protection to find new customers projects. The, I setup a customer meeting to precisely identify customer needs, present radioshop services and sale the appropriate offering. I coordinate the project with all the internals teams (IT, support, artistic, project) to deliver it with success. Where it is ? Under the sun of south of France, only 10 minutes far from Mediterranean Sea, I will seat at last floor of radioshop building. I will be able to look at Pic Saint Loup at one side, and to the sea at the other. CDI contract, full time, we need you quickly. Salary + bonus (no threshold) will be discuss following your experience and profile. To apply, it's here !

Un log’Up sonore pour Vill’Up !

Tuesday 28 February 2017
Le centre commercial nouvelle génération Vill’Up, qui vient d’ouvrir ses portes à la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie (Paris 19e), s’est doté d’un logo sonore à son image : Up & Fun ! C’est à l’agence Radioshop Conseil que le groupe Apsys a lancé le défi d’inventer une expérience musicale nouvelle, en rupture avec les codes établis. Challenge relevé : on retrouve dans cette signature les valeurs de Fun et d’entertainment qui caractérisent le concept de « shoppertainment ». L’originalité et la notion de plaisir sont également au rendez-vous, pour offrir au final une emprunte sonore différenciante, accrocheuse et entraînante. Le nouveau logo sonore de Vill’Up est déployé sur l’ensemble de son spectre de communication, notamment via une forte présence en FM. En outre, Radioshop a également été choisi pour le design musical diffusé dans le centre. Ainsi la création des messages pour la radio Vill’up adoptent un ton résolument fun et décalé.

Morgan confie son logo sonore à Radioshop

Tuesday 21 February 2017
Morgan de toi, Morgan de… Musique ! L’iconique marque Morgan affirme son esprit glam rock chic et sensuel avecun nouveau logo sonore signé par l’agence Radioshop. Logo sonore, synchronisation de vidéos, design musical en points de vente : Radioshop supervise en effet désormais l’ensemble des prises de parole de la marque, présente dans plus de 50 pays. Morgan de Toi, une composition fraîche et sensuelle imaginée par les deux hit makers, Rémi Saboul (Rinôçérôse) et Jean-Louis Palumbo (Panzer Flower), dans laquelle on retrouve l’ultra féminité ainsi que les manifestes #feelingseductive et #sexytude de la femme Morgan. Une nouvelle identité sonore qui accompagnera désormais la marque sur tous ses points de contact. En 2017, Radioshop entend mettre en place des dispositifs inédits pour que s’exprime encore plus fort le lifestyle Morgan.

IKKS chooses RadioShop to design its stores’ sound

Friday 17 June 2016
The iconic ready-to-wear clothing brand, IKKS, chose RadioShop, a leading specialist for sound communication at the point-of-sale, to create the sound design for its 320 stores throughout France and Europe. In addition to handling artistic direction for the project, RadioShop is also tasked with implementing and deploying the broadcasting system for the stores. The strong personality of IKKS, as a company, was transcribed into artistic codes to define a musical universe in line with the brand’s “mix & match” manifesto. Alternating between musical styles from urban and Indie to rock and chic, adventuresome and always demanding, the sound universe that personifies IKKS in its stores is based on a wide range of emerging and established artists. It revisits and reinvents musical standards, while exploring textures from the folk, electronic, pop, soul, and rock worlds. This partnership will help reinforce IKKS’s identity thanks to in-store sound communication.

Beauty Success & Beauty Sisters chooses RadioShop for their screens and sound design

Beauty Sisters
Wednesday 08 June 2016
RadioShop, a leading specialist in sound communication for points-of-sale, will handle the sound design for Beauty Success perfumeries and beauty institutes, as well as the new Beauty Sisters concept store opened last March as a pilot point-of-sale. On one hand, this collaboration focuses on sound design for the two brands’ in-store radios, for which artistic direction and roll-out will be handled by RadioShop. The company’s teams studied the personality of each brand and transcribed it into artistic codes to define the most appropriate musical universe for brand values. On the other hand, RadioShop is also responsible for equipment and video broadcasting at the sales outlets of both Beauty Success group brands. Lastly, RadioShop is working with Beauty Success on its spoken presence on in-store and FM radio. This partnership will enable Beauty Success to reinforce its identity thanks to in-store sound communication.

RadioShop Conseil has a creative year with Columbus Café

Wednesday 30 March 2016
The most French of all coffee shops has decided to shine the spotlight on young creators and artists, organizing creative “challenges” throughout the year focusing on four themes: Music, exhibition, design, and do-it-yourself. Columbus Artistes & Co gives musicians, photographers, designers, and basically anyone with a hidden talent, an opportunity to display their work or be broadcast in Columbus shops. The brand chose RadioShop Conseil, the RadioShop group’s brand and musical consultancy, to manage the operation, notably to develop a dedicated web platform and create an audio campaign for the brand’s webs site and in-store radio. RadioShop’s artistic directors will also be members of the music jury for the competition. This operation further reinforces the goal of Columbus Artistes & Co to be the “social café of the 21st century,” highlighting the company’s target public and linking the point-of-sale with the digital world via a web-to-store mechanism. See all the challenges on About Columbus Café : Founded in 1994, Columbus Café & Co is the leading French coffee shop chain, seeking to embody the social café of the 21st century, a warm and friendly place where friends, family, and colleagues can get together. The Coffee Shop offering is rich and authentic, comprising hot and cold drinks based on coffee, chocolate, tea, and fruit. The company’s flagship food product is its muffin, cooked at every Columbus Café and adapted with about fifty different recipes. The Columbus Café & Co franchise network is mainly present in high-traffic areas, such as downtown centers, train stations, and airports, in Paris and throughout France. Today, the network counts over 100 coffee shops in France and abroad. Columbus Café has been providing restaurant services on iDTGV trains since November 2014. Columbus Café continues to expand, opening about twenty new shops every year.

Dépil Tech reveals its sound signature with RadioShop Conseil

Wednesday 17 February 2016
The French company, Dépil Tech, innovates and reinforces its leading role by adopting a new territory for expression : music. A pioneer in permanent hair removal, Dépil Tech distinguishes itself once again, this time by deploying its new sound signature throughout its communication spectrum. This original creation was handled by RadioShop Conseil, the RadioShop group’s brand and musical consultancy, which also is responsible for sound identity and equipment at Dépil Tech centers. RadioShop performed a marketing and sociological study to determine how to adapt musical codes corresponding to the brand’s perception and environment. Dépil Tech is the first brand in its sector to adopt a sound signature. As a follow-up, several operations related to live music are already being prepared for the 2016 season. You may listen to the Dépil Tech sound signature below this article. About Dépil Tech : Dépil Tech, a leading specialist in permanent hair removal, now has about one hundred centers in France and internationally, notably in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Mexico. The brand also offers a protocol featuring six exceptional skin treatments, Derm Light, elaborated in cooperation with prestigious cosmetics companies Institut Esthederm and Maison Clayton Shagal. Pursuing continued growth, Dépil Tech plans to open about fifty new centers by the end of the year. More information on:

Discover the musical advent calendar by RadioShop sound designers

Monday 30 November 2015
“One sound per day” (Un son par jour) is the name of the brand-new Facebook page created by RadioShop sound designers! At the forefront of today’s musical scene, leveraging direct relationships with record company artistic directors and promotional departments, our designers select hundreds of new titles every day in highly diverse musical spheres, destined to enhance and motivate musical programming for our clients. Thanks to this ongoing direct contact with a large number of labels revealing new talent, the designers now share their best picks and discoveries with you every day, along with surprises uncovered by their research! To celebrate the launch of this new page, they are offering you a musical advent calendar to count down the days on a dedicated Facebook page. Every day until December 25, you’ll discover something new or a Christmas musical favorite to share ! Sign up so you don’t miss any posts. Starting December 1, 2015, head over to “One sound per day” (Un son par jour)! ":

RadioShop Conseil signs sound for Pierre-Luc Poujol exhibition

Wednesday 25 November 2015
RadioShop Conseil, the company’s consulting agency, created a custom musical selection for the “Action dripping” exhibition by painter Pierre-Luc Poujol, to be held November 11 - 28, 2015, at the MyContemporary gallery in Paris. The selection mixes references to the artist’s work and the unique exhibition site in the capital city’s downtown area. Deliberately bold, innovative, intellectual, and elitist, the exhibition’s sound design offers a cutting-edge musical journey that combines electronic, ambient, and acoustic tones. The selection features identifiable references from an imaginary realm inspired as much by the electricity of Velvet Underground as by the beatnik imagery of American folk music. The concept of this sound creation is based on a qualitative and clearly identifiable musical ambiance, yet non-intrusive, inspired by the energy emanated by Pierre-Luc Poujol’s paintings and his particular dripping technique. It also evokes the movement created by the overlapping shapes and frames on his paintings, and their interaction with the gallery’s sleek architecture, bathed in natural light and ideal for artistic encounters. Pierre-Luc Poujol : Following the tradition of action painting and abstract expressionism, Pierre-Luc Poujol has chosen to create by projecting and dripping paint without having contact with the canvas. He confronts the emptiness of the creative space, seeking to create order and meaning. MyContemporary : Located on Rue Duret (Paris 16th arrondissement), the gallery was opened this year by the virtual gallery as a unique 180 m² space dominated by an impressive glass roof. Its goal is to become the reference gallery in western Paris by offering innovative and atypical artistic programming. RadioShop Conseil : RadioShop Conseil is the RadioShop group’s brand and musical consultancy, one of the leaders for in-store radio and sound identity in France. Radioshop Conseil offers expertise in sound creation and musical content activation within brand communication.

RadioShop signs sound design for Burton of London

Burton of London
Thursday 02 July 2015
Burton of London is a brand with far-reaching impact in social and historical terms, largely due to the strong personality of its founder, sir Montague Burton. Founded in 1900 northern England, Burton met with success in London, before coming to France in the 1960s and setting up in Paris. With its contemporary heritage and dual London-Paris culture, the brand offers the right balance of elegance and relaxation, tradition and modernism, masculinity and femininity, and know-how and knowing how to live. To accompany the roll-out of its brand-new store concept, whose flagship is on the Grands Boulevards of Paris, the brand decided to have RadioShop produce its in-store sound design. Following a discussion phase and an in-depth study of the brand’s sound imprint, the resulting sound design is decidedly contemporary, modern, and trendy, while rooting itself in a scholarly musical culture, tinted with a mix of the British Touch and French Flair. The Burton of London in-store sound design, implemented by RadioShop throughout the entire network of stores, is a veritable “Paris-London mirror” that alternates discretely between the cultural characteristics from both sides of the Channel, notably via sound design work based on sound references typical of both major cities. This includes the integration of audio samples such as the renowned “Mind the Gap” call in the London metro, the accordion sound in the Paris metro, the bells of Big Ben and those of Notre Dame...

Partner of the Tropisme festival

Wednesday 25 February 2015
RadioShop is an official partner of the second edition of the Tropisme festival taking place in Montpellier, France, from February 25 to March 15, 2015. This major creative event, featuring cutting-edge and avant-garde programming, mixes digital and new technology worlds with music, contemporary art, architecture, and a wide range of other disciplines. For over two weeks, dozens of artists from around the world come to Montpellier to present their creations and shows, with concerts, installations, performances, meetings, film projections, architectural and culinary creations, video games, clubbing, programs for kids, workshops, brainstorms, and much more. The festival’s artistic team, led by Vincent Cavaroc, also in charge of artistic programming for the “Gaité Lyrique” festival in Paris, chose RadioShop to create and implement the festival’s web radio, on-line 24 hours a day (, broadcasting a custom sound design created by RadioShop sound designers to represent the festival’s artistic programming. Installed on-site by RadioShop teams in the ephemeral Tropisme Radio studio (at the La Panacée Contemporary Art Center in Montpellier), the RadioShop web radio system can also be used to broadcast shows, interviews, and programs, all produced live. In order to exchange ideas regarding its expertise in sound design, RadioShop will give a presentation on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 4:00 PM on the topic of musical design, as part of a series of conferences being held for the “Professions of Tomorrow: Cyber-Musician” workshops and meetings. Rémi Saboul, a local musician involved with many projects, including “rinôçérôse” (nominated for the French Victoires de la Music award, numerous international tours, four albums and i-Tunes ad syncs, Victoria’s Secret USA, and much more), and a sound designer and musician in the RadioShop team is leading this workshop.

TATI selects RadioShop for its in-store radio

Sunday 09 March 2014
A pioneering discount fabric and department store, TATI has remained true to its DNA since the company was founded in 1948: making it easier for people to benefit from trendy consumer goods, both for personal and home products, by offering them at TATI prices. Recognized for the diversity of its offering, ranging from clothing collections and accessories for men, women, and children, to wedding articles and leisure, beauty, and home goods, TATI continually pursues its revolution by offering quality products and services with low prices. To accompany its progression and growth as a company, TATI chose RadioShop to create the in-store sound design for its network of 144 stores. The musical program elaborated for TATI by RadioShop’s sound design team clearly reflects the brand’s dynamic nature and fresh approach, as well as the strong connections it holds with its customers and its solid foundation in its times. RadioShop designed a custom musical program that is decidedly contemporary and trendy, while bringing people together with a pleasant and happy selection that employs a wide range of electric and electronic textures, with more natural, more organic, and acoustic pop/folk rhythmic styles. RadioShop also works in close collaboration with the brand’s marketing department to write and record messages for in-store radio product and event communications and campaigns.

Gifi chooses RadioShop for its personalized radio

Monday 13 January 2014
To accompany its development and very fast growth, the Gifi group chose to have Montpellier-based RadioShop create its in-store personalized radio. RadioShop equipped more than 400 Gifi outlets in France, creating a personalized sound design for the company that is dynamic, family-oriented, modern, and totally in phase with the times. By leveraging mainstream, accessible sounds, generally acoustic, yet still quite contemporary, Gifi’s musical program is open to a mixture of these styles with more electric and electronic sounds. This solid base is enhanced by the latest new releases and new artists identified by the RadioShop programming team as being the potential hits of the future. Gifi also entrusted RadioShop with all production, recording, and programming aspects for its communication messages (such as product promotions, catalogs, highlights, events, and internal communication) broadcast on the in-store radio.

Christmas at Beaugrenelle, Paris

Monday 06 January 2014
Having the spirit of a large store combined with the best features of a shopping center, Beaugrenelle embodies the purest state of Parisian chic. In the heart of the capital city’s XVth arrondissement, just a few steps from the Eiffel Tower, Beaugrenelle opened its doors on October 23 with over 50,000 m² of space. A true XXIst century department store, Beaugrenelle restores the noble appearance of the Front de Seine neighborhood, offering a shopping location worthy of this legendary area, breathing new energy into the Parisian lifestyle. To move forward with this ambitious project, featuring smooth-flowing and sensual architecture, the APSYS group chose RadioShop to create a personalized musical program for the Christmas season. RadioShop’s sound design teams elaborated a bold, sparkling, unique, and modular musical program. Drawing on a wide variety of musical styles and making use of warm sounds and acoustic harmonies, along with electronic textures, Beaugrenelle’s Christmas program reflects the modernism, prestige, and innovative character of the site’s rich potential for discoveries and sensory experiences.

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